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By partnering with Tiger Electric for EV charging station opportunities, you can take your business to the next level and become a dependable sustainability ally for your customers. Our robust installation services provide EV charging companies, operators, and manufacturers with all the manpower and support they need to guarantee success!

Comprehensive Services for a Quick and Easy Installation Process

EV Charger Installation & Maintenance Experts

At Tiger Electric, we take pride in our family-owned and employee-operated business model. Our team is highly experienced and trained to handle any EV charger installation or maintenance task with precision and efficiency. We are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology for seamless project completion. Our certified installers will not only provide expert advice but also ensure that each job is completed on time according to your specifications.

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Our Services

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We provide comprehensive commercial and industrial electric vehicle charger installation services that include everything from a thorough consultation to assess your needs to the careful and safe installation of your EV chargers.
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Our maintenance package includes everything from regular maintenance to scheduled inspection reports and troubleshooting steps for any issues that may arise with the chargers. Our experienced technicians can provide onsite assistance for any repair or replacement needed in order to keep your charging station up and running.

Our Process

We offer a unique full-service approach that includes all aspects of an EV charger project from planning, design, installation, testing, and commissioning through post-installation maintenance support if necessary. What’s more reassuring is that our streamlined process ensures ongoing communication between our technicians and your team for superior results.

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Loyal Partnership

At Tiger Electric, we believe that building a loyal partnership with each of our clients is the key to success.

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Project Discovery

Discovery is where we take the time to learn about your project vision, needs, and goals.

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Precision Proposal

Once we establish a clear understanding of what you’re seeking from us, the next step is developing a proposal.

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Expert Execution

Once the proposal is accepted, we get to work on the execution of the project

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Ongoing Maintenance

After completion of the project, we continue with ongoing maintenance and support.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our goal is guaranteed satisfaction at every stage of our process; from beginning to end.

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