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Huntington Beach Distribution Center

Here is a short video clip of the Harbor Distribution project. The beverage distribution facility in Huntington Beach, CA was completed in 2014 and performed on a Design and build basis with Arco National construction, St. Louis, Mo.

Nobell Energy

Congratulations to Nobell Energy Solutions  on the nearing completion of thier new parking Shade mounted Solar PV generator at Indio City Hall. The 150KW PV generator not only offsets more than 90% of the City Halls energy usage, but also provides much needed shade for both employees and vistors in the sometimes harsh Desert environment.
   The project was designed and built in partnership between Tiger Electric, inc. and Sunworks...

San Gabriel / Pomona Regional Center Solar PV Project

 As previously Promised here is a short Video Clip from some pretty extensive drone footage. Again, this PV Generator is a 308.6KW fully ballasted roof mount system that was designed and modeled to offset approximately 65% of the facility's historical energy usage. This project was developed and sold by Tiger's strategic partners Sunworks So Cal commercial division and was Designed and Built by Tiger electric, Inc 

integrated Roofing systems and Coatings

 Tiger Electric, Inc. also offer's Complete roofing services as part of our Solar Generation Design and Build Package. This roof happens to be at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. The Video is after the solar had been installed. the stills are of a Coating and membrane treatment that can extend the roof life to in some cases, more than 20 years.