Reduce Your Energy Bill – We Are Experts In Energy Storage & Commercial Battery Storage

Investing in a battery storage system is one of the best ways for your business to reduce energy consumption, avoid high energy costs, and prevent power outages from the electric grid.

A commercial energy storage solution charges during off-peak hours from either the electric grid or a solar power system. The excess energy can be released back into your facility during peak demand charges – when energy costs are the highest – or when backup power is required.

“The commercial energy storage system that Tiger Electric helped install and commission to our existing solar array went flawless. If you are considering a battery energy storage, I’d highly recommend you give them a call.”

“The Tiger team was great to work with from Day 1. At first I didn’t know what a battery energy storage system and why I need it. They educated me and completed the install in a timely manner.”

“We’ve talked with other commercial solar companies and felt that Tiger Electric was the right fit for our needs. Our electricity cost has dropped significantly since completing the project”


If you are considering installing solar batteries, flow battery, lithium ion batteries, or renewable energy, our team of experts are ready to help. Fill in your information below and we’ll be in touch!

When there’s a power outage and you need backup power, your business can maintain critical loads without the stress and worry of having to shut down

By storing energy at your facility, you’re able to implement power generation when needed, add the security of emergency backup power, and lower your electricity costs

Commercial solar energy storage is when solar panels or a solar PV system is paired with energy storage – pairing these two technologies will improve your facilities demand response and peak shaving. The battery system is charged by solarpower and the stored energy is utilized as needed throughout the day. Many of our customers who have electric vehicle stations or planning on adding an EV fleet pair all technologies together.

California currently offers large rebates for energy storage projects through its Self Generation Incentive Program SGIP rebate – Contact Us to see if you qualify.