Experts In Energy Storage & Incentives

Investing in battery storage is one of the best ways for a business to save money on peak energy use and avoid disruptions to their operations during power outages.

With commercial energy storage systems, batteries charges during off-peak hours and kicks on during on-peak hours – when energy rates are the highest. One of the most popular and effective systems of energy storage is to incorporate battery storage with a new or existing solar PV system. The battery system is charged by solar power and then utilized as needed throughout the day.

California is currently providing large incentives through its Self Generation Incentive Program SGIP rebates  – Contact us to learn more.

Save Money and Reduce Reliance on Your Electrical Utility.

When there’s a power outage (brownouts or blackouts), your facility can maintain critical operations without the stress and worry of having to shut down.

By storing energy at your facility you’re able to reduce reliance on the electrical utility provider, add the security of emergency backup power, and decrease your on-peak kW demand costs.