If you’re ready for a LED lighting retrofit at your facility but aren’t sure how to get started this is the perfect read for you. We will share the best LED retrofitting solutions and how you can make it all come together at your factory, plant, warehouse, or other industrial building.

What is a commercial LED lighting retrofit?

A commercial LED lighting retrofit is the upgrading of your old lighting system to more energy efficient lighting. An LED retrofit involves the replacement of your old, traditional lighting with a LED lighting solution that provides multiple benefits including less heat, less energy consumption, and increased illumination.

Who can benefit from an industrial LED lighting retrofit?

Any industrial or commercial facility can benefit from a LED retrofit solution. Updating your outdated lamps with LED lighting will increase the lighting quality of your building. LED lighting technology will brighten and illuminate your facility, eliminating dark spots, which improves quality control and worker safety. LED lighting will increase employee productivity and morale. 

Most importantly, you will save a substantial amount of money on your energy and maintenance costs, decrease your energy usage, and increase your energy efficiency. Being more environmentally conscious helps you reach your corporate sustainability goals and also strengthens your brand’s image with customers. Discover more benefits of LED technology here.

How much can you save by switching to commercial LED lighting?

Getting a lighting upgrade can save you 40-90% on the lighting portion of your electricity bill. Lighting is usually one of the largest sections of a businesses’ utility bill. 

You need to find the best commercial electrical contractor for installing LED lights

An electrical contractor company like Tiger Electric can do the heavy lifting for you. We can provide you with an in-depth audit of your facility and the appropriate LED lighting solutions for your spaces. 

We also will provide installation services and apply for available incentives and rebates from your utility provider. Choosing the right commercial lighting contractor is essential to getting the appropriate light fixtures for your facility and receiving the most energy savings possible. 

Tiger Electric is capable of servicing the entire Southern California region – including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County.

We will be committed to your LED lighting retrofit project and get you the custom lighting solution you need at your facility. You can check out one of our successful LED lighting upgrade projects here. Contact us at (800) 834-8737 to get your audit started!